A must-install app for Windows

3 min readMay 17, 2021


As Apple continues to optimize and improve the functionality of the Mac system, with the relatively large number of screen names currently on the Internet, people have more requirements for the security of using devices, such as “dark mode.”

We all know that systems with Mac version 10.15 and above support automatic dark mode switching, and you don’t need to manually switch the system interface to white or dark, which facilitates our experience.

I also learned that the system will switch automatically according to the change of time, so I upgraded the system. At that time, the computer I was using was a 2015 Mac Book Pro. During use, I changed a battery. The system just reminded me to “repair the battery”.

If you say that you use it on a fixed basis, you don’t need to change the battery, after all, it can be used for more than 3 hours.

Today’s topic is not Mac, but Windows system

My first computer is a Mac, so I am used to many operations of Mac. I not only like the beautiful Icon, but also the strongest applications. It is with these good habits that when I come into contact with Windows, my first feeling is
Need to find software similar to Mac to find the familiar taste.

Coincidentally, with the popularity of dark mode, I did find a software similar to Mac “Auto Dark Mode”. The official software, I think it is very user-friendly, simple to operate, and the software is relatively small.

The main function is two points:

Set the dark mode automatically or manually

Set desktop background

When you add the dark mode time and the desktop background, you can download the computer from the network and add and set the day mode or dark mode, as long as the time comes, the system automatically switches the desktop background.

When using it, I found that if your computer is turned on the energy-saving mode, it will have an impact when switching, that is, the color of the icon in the bottom menu bar will be a little unchanged. It is good to turn off the energy-saving mode, otherwise it will not.

For the acquisition of software, you only need to search on the search engine, generally on Github

The information comes from @aiouyouke (艾欧优客)original